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Lucky Driving School

9789 131 St, Surrey, BC V3T 3P4

Lucky Driving School

Surrey, BC V3T 3P4 is the address of Lucky Driving School, which is considered to be the top driving school in Canada. If you want to obtain your driving licence, Lucky Driving School is the place to go.

About Us

We at Lucky Driving School are Canada’s top driving school because our number one objective is to assist people in learning to drive and passing their road test on the first try. Everyone, regardless of driving expertise, can learn to drive quickly with our simple tips. You won’t have any problems if you are afraid of driving on the interstate. We here at lucky driving school will assist you with any driving issues you may be experiencing.

Still not convinced? Feel free to stop by our office and try one lesson for yourself. We strongly suggest that you check out our Google reviews if you’re not able to visit us and experience Lucky Driving School yourself. In addition to providing instruction for road preparation tests, we also have cars available for road testing. Since we strive to help you pass your road test the first time, we have the highest passing rate in Canada. Besides being open and honest with our customers, we treat everyone as if they were our family members. We also provide very reasonable fees for you to choose from.

Our Services

  1. With the skills and experience of its teachers and managers, our Lucky Driving School will be able to offer products that are on par with the best on the market.
  2. To increase our market share, we Lucky Driving School aims to have graduated with the safest driving records of any of our competitors.
  3. Because it’s a minority-owned and -run business, it’s more likely to be accepted as a normal part of daily business operations.