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G&G Autobody Shop

12451 82 Ave, Surrey, BC V3W 3E9

G&G Autobody Shop

At G & G Autobody, we aim to provide a thorough service for all our customers, including insurance evaluations and comprehensive repair quotes. We have established ourselves as a market leader in automotive repair by investing in cutting-edge equipment and training, as well as excellent customer service and customer retention, to ensure the best quality repairs.

About Us

Surrey car owners have been enjoying our high-quality collision and repair services at extremely low costs for the past 15 years thanks to our highly trained and experienced auto body specialists. Our Surrey body shop offers full-service auto bodywork, including factory-standard repairs. Having been a leading collision repair facility in the market for a long time,  focusing on offering only the highest quality repairs while providing exceptional customer service and a very high customer retention rate, we have established ourselves as an industry leader. However, We take great pride in providing high-quality auto-body services.

Services We Offer

    1. We fix all makes and models of vehicles and provide a wide range of auto body repair services for both minor and significant car damage and refinishing.
    2. Our ICBC Accredited Valet Express auto body repair facility allows you to bring your vehicle in for a free quote on ICBC insurance claims.
    3. Auto frame straightening tools such as chain clamps and hook binders are among the many items we stock. We also offer complete flat rack floor systems.
    4. Our professionals use the greatest and most up-to-date equipment to accurately detect the problem with your frame or unibody the first time around.
    5. We offer various auto frame straightening instruments, including clamps, chains, hooks, and binders, as well as flat rack floor systems and frame pulling kits.
    6. Because we provide free courtesy cars for ICBC claims, we will do everything we can to have a relief vehicle available at all times.