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DTC immigration Ltd Surrey

14856, 58A Ave Surrey, BC, V3S 0S4 Canada

DTC immigration Ltd Surrey

DTC Immigration Ltd. (Door to Canada) is a Canadian immigration consulting firm that specializes in Canadian immigration. We can be reached via doortocanada@hotmail.com or 778-881-6409 if you are one of the many immigrants from around the world who are interested in settling in Canada and taking advantage of the great quality of life, the myriad opportunities this country has to offer.

About Us

We have more than 7 years of professional experience in Canada Immigration, which means we can help you save time and worry about Canadian Immigration issues. The process of applying for Canada Immigration requires a lot of knowledge. You can’t apply on your own or through an inexperienced/ghost consultant. Your immigration case could be in jeopardy if you make a minor error. We are completely committed to assisting our clients throughout the immigration process.

Services We Offer

  • Our team at DTC Immigration Ltd is well-trained and has a lot of experience with Canadian immigration law.
  •  Our team works diligently to ensure our clients get the best service and help them navigate Canada’s complex immigration system, whether they are inside or outside of Canada.
  • We’ll be there for you every step of the way during the immigration process.
  • We’ll walk you through the process step-by-step, guiding you with our knowledge and experience.
  • Our ultimate goal is to get you the VISA you want each and every time.
  • we offer a variety of payment choices and set prices mean that our services are reasonably priced for you.

Why Choose DTC Immigration, Ltd Surrey?

  • We have a team of professionals who are licenced and experienced.
  • We give high-quality and professional service.
  • We have an extraordinarily high level of compliance.
  • We give trustworthy and straightforward immigration advice.
  • We are completely committed to assisting our clients at every stage of the immigration procedure.